Blindes Arbejde Classic Dish Brush

Blindes Arbejdeclassic dish brush with oiled shaft and black horsehair. To prevent the wood from drying out and splitting, we do not recommend putting the brushes in the dishwasher.

To prevent the wood from drying out and splitting and / or the thin steel wire that holds the bristles from breaking, care must be taken to clean the brushes in the dishwasher. If you do this, the wood must subsequently be saturated with oil.

If the bristles have become flat and / or tangled, you can straighten them by styling them with a fork or similar, and then possibly gather them with an elastic band and leave it for a while. Oily bristles can be rinsed over with boiling water - possibly soaked in some soapy water.

Made of : Our beech wood is certified sustainable and the horsehair is vet checked.

Size : 25 cm or 9.8" Shaft

Type: For the Mess

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