Royal Copenhagen

Founded in 1775, Royal Copenhagen is one of the worlds oldest porcelain companies. For more than 235 years their products have been made with not only the deepest respect for tradition, but also the highest standards of craftsmanship. Today, Royal Copenhagen porcelain is a highly distinguished brand, renowned for its exclusive quality porcelain products and its immaculate design.

Porcelain will pass thirty pairs of hands. When you hold a finished cup or plate in your hand, it has already passed through up to thirty pairs of hands which have taken the porcelain clay through moulding, painting, firing, glazing and packing. Take a tour. Close your eyes, imagine the smell of chalky porcelain clay, and take an imaginary tour to see the noble craft of porcelain manufacturing in all its phases – conceived, designed, and made on the basis of more than 240 years of craftsmanship and tradition.

It’s a long process for the product to be ready. It may have taken a few months but via a process of craftsmanship that has evolved over 240 years at Royal Copenhagen. Which is why when you buy a piece of Royal Copenhagen, you are also buying a piece of Danish history, craft and design.