Normann Copenhagen Washing Up Bowl

Normann Copenhagen rubber washing-up bowl is the ultimate example of funky meets functional design. Never before has the washing up been so much fun but with the normann copenhagen rubber washing up bowl you will be eager to do the dishes. The accompanying brush is made from beech with natural bristles. This is not just a washing up bowl....why not use the rubber washing up bowl as a stylish ice bucket, cool planter, magazine holder and even for fruit or salad as the rubber material used is approved for food and it's also dishwasher safe. The cafe at MOMA in New York uses it as a cooler. Available in Red, Mint or Grey.

Awards: Formlandprisen 2002 in Denmark & DesignPlus 2002 in Germany

Designer : Ole Jensen

Made of : Rubber and Brush from Breech and natural bristles

Size : 11" X 5.5" X 11"

Type: For the Mess

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