Menu WW carafe

Menu WW Carafe - Over twenty prototypes of the WW Carafe was made during the design process to test the flow of wine and to obtain the maximum aeration. The final ‘raining’ process is both visually arresting and, as the wine is poured from the bottle into the carafe, increases the surface area of the wine by eight times a normal pour from the bottle – thus providing 800% aeration and improving the wine’s flavour. The wine can then be easily served from the carafe, making the process simple and efficient.

The carafe is called WW, which stands for ‘water’ and ‘wine’, as it can be used to serve a variety of beverages. When serving water or soft drinks from the WW carafe, the rubber seal and stainless steel breathing device prevent ice and garnishes, such as fruits and herbs, from splashing into the glasses.
The WW carafe is crafted from mouth-blown glass with an injection-moulded silicon seal that is friction-fitted over a Danish-made stainless steel ‘breather’ component.

Designer: Benjamin Hubert

Made of : Mouth-blown Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone

Size : 4.7"w x 8.3"h

Capacity: 41oz

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