Eva Solo Silhouette Storage Jar

Eva Solo  Silhouette Storage Jar

Mouth-blown glass storage jars, which are perfect for displaying raw ingredients on open shelves and for adding a decorative touch. The cool look of the smoke-coloured jars, which harmonises well with the Nordic kitchen style. The look is perfected by the solid, oiled oak lids, which are secured to each jar with a leather strap. Use the jars for nuts, muesli or other foods, which can now be placed on display and within easy reach of anyone feeling a little peckish.

The unique and decorative mouth-blown glass is beautiful in its own right. At the same time, the smoke-coloured glass protects the contents from sunlight, preserving flavours and colours. The lid is quick and easy to remove and replace, and seals the jar tightly.

Designer :  Tools®

Made of : Mouth blown glass, Oak, Leather, Silicone

Size : H14 cm x D10 cm, 16 cm x D11.5 cm

Capacity : 0.7 L , 1 L


Type: For Chefs

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