Eva Solo Nordic Chef Knife

Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Chef Knife

Most chefs prefer the chef’s knife because of its versatility, and the sharp blade is perfect for slicing and carving as well as chopping. The strong Damascus steel is a pleasure to work with, whether you are slicing tomatoes or filleting a chicken.

The knives in the Eva Solo Nordic kitchen series are a new product that is more than 2,000 years old. They are manufactured according to ancient Japanese traditions that employ the same techniques used to produce Samurai swords. Here, skilled metalworkers have laid 66 layers of Damascus steel around the core, which constitutes the 67th layer. The result is a sharper, harder and more balanced knife.

The method results in an extremely sharp blade, high flexibility and a narrow spine. The handle sits comfortably and securely in the hand, shaped according to its anatomy. The knife features a quillon for resting your thumb on. This allows you to work with greater precision and control, whether you are trimming a steak, chopping vegetables or cutting bread.

Designer :  Tools®

Size : Blade length: 20 cm, Length: 33.3 cm

Made of : 67-layer Japanese Damascus steel (AUS 10), Pakkawood

Type: For Chefs

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