Menu Echasse Vase

Menu Echasse Vase - brings a minimalist silhouette with distinguished, playful edge to modern and traditional spaces. Theresa Rand’s playful concept beautifully interprets the word “échasse”: French for “stilts”. The slender, stilt-like supporting legs delicately suspend the glass forms, creating a sense of lightness while ensuring stability.

The Échasse Vase—The now-iconic series was inspired by laboratory test tubes. The drop-shaped form is as elegant when holding flowers on a desk, living room floor, or nightstand as it is when left unfilled. The unique colour gradients of the glass give the design depth and contrast against the legs’ clean lines. 

Its expression ethereal, its design elevated in every sense, the Échasse Series offers infinite possibilities for experimentation, as its test tube origins suggest. 

Designer : Theresa Rand

Size : 11"H x 5.9" Diam

Made Of : Smoked, Solid Brushed

Type: For A Smile

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