Menu Wine Breather Deluxe

Menu Wine Breather Deluxe is one of the best aerator/decanter around plus it looks fabulous at a dinner party. Simply place the wine breather deluxe over the bottleneck of your bottle and flip it upside down. The wine gracefully decants through the bottle creating the perfect aerated wine.The wine can be served using the drip free carafe or it can be flipped back upside down into the original bottle allowing you to enjoy wine with 10 times more oxygen.
The carafe would make the perfect gift for an avid wine lover. The Wine Breather Deluxe matches perfectly with the White Wine Breather.

Designer : Norm Architects, Peter Orsig

Made of : Glass, silicone, stainless steel and plastic

Capacity : 52 oz

Size : 7.9" X  8.3"


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