Stelton Pure White Magnetic Knife Holder

Stelton "Pure White" Magnetic Knife Holder is the perfect addition to the Pure Black Knives... the contrast between the black and white makes the combination very striking, yet simple.

We love this product even more after reading this quote by the designer:

"Later on in the process I realized, thinking about the sustainability issue, that the black coating over time would wear off. And probably will do so in the same way that it does on old Nikon and Leica cameras, which definitely doesn’t make them less beautiful in my view. Revealing the steel and bear witness of the use it has been through over the years.And that again got me thinking about how that really is a forgotten value in product design – to design objects that will get more and more beautiful the more they are used. I mean; although I really love all my Apple products, they don’t exactly get prettier over time…."

Designer : HolmbäckNordentoft

Made of : Stainless steel and plastic

Size : 1.3" X 16.5" 

Type: For Chefs

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