Menu Spoonless Container

Menu Spoonless is a small series of smart containers that create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen. Simply remove the cork lid from the small spout and pour without using a spoon. Available in Ash or Carbon.

Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen love simple and easy-to-use products. They work with abstractions and reduction while still aiming for a maximum of function, smartness and beauty. The Spoonless series is a great example of how that theory works in real life.

The idea came in the kitchen in their Berlin studio as one of them was adding tea to a tea egg using a spoon. They instantly got the feeling that this was one step too much and felt like putting the spoon away and simply pouring the tea directly. Spoonless was born.

Currently OUT OF STOCK of the ASH.

Designer : Hauke Murken and Sven Hansen

Made of : Colored Clay, Cork Lid

Size : 7"H 2.5"W


Type: For A Smile

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