Menu Bottle Grinder - Polish Stainless Steel

Menu Bottle Grinder is nothing like the salt and pepper grinders you’re used to. And that’s the whole plan. To create something noticeable and to change a well-known thing into something brand new – as a way to encourage people to try new things.

"We wanted to steer far away from the predictable grinders and instead encourage people to experiment with spices, grains, seeds and all the other modern cuisine ingredients. The new powerful ceramic grinder allows you to be more creative." The grinders have a powerful ceramic grinder, and they are very easy to operate.

The unique, inverted design ensures that salt, pepper, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries, walnuts – or whatever you fill them with - only sprinkle out when you grind, leaving no trace on the table.

Designer : Norm Architect

Made of : Polished Stainless Steel

Size : 2.7"w x 7.8"h

Type: For Chefs

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