Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar Pourer - Set of 2

Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar Pourer - Set of 2

Warmth, proximity and humor are the essential features behind the Wine and Bar range. The cork-based design and expression is organic, their function is clear. The source of inspiration was traditional wine production, in which cork was used to seal the bottle. Simply remove the top of the cork to reveal a stainless steel spout so you can pour your wine without having to remove the cork, then reseal for later use.

The pourer makes serving wine just for yourself, or for a party, more of an occasion. The perfect gift for a wine-connoisseur. 

Clean under running water.

Designer : Aurélien Barbry

Made of : Cork & Stainless steel

Size : 3.1"H X 1.2"Dia

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